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How to Save Your Startup: Marketing Tips

Among a great variety of small businesses aimed to find out its own niche, only 0,3% are rich and succeed. The main problem is that too low number of startups are point out the top questions to solve:

how to be different;

- how to attract customers;

- how to receive profit.

v-jet group team served more than 30 different startups and noticed that not every is willing to follow marketing challenges. People usually ask us to help with webs and apps development, but they aren’t able to define the core value of future product. Majority of profitable apps are disappeared on the overwhelmed marketplace. But still, don’t underestimate your abilities to reach out the goal. Here we suggest look over widespread marketing mistakes and give some tips to handle them.

Stay out of the crowd

Indifferent things attracts curiosity. The main question to answer on this way is “why”. For example, why is your logo too sharp; why did you choose blue as the main color… Only outstanding explanation may please such curiosity. Share your central “why,” like a story of your startup’s birth. Tell people about the origin of your logo in order to make your business more memorable to others. Moreover, it will help in website promotion.

Keep an eye on competitors

When you are launching a new app/product you are nearly sure you don’t have competitors. You will never find 100% similar apps as well as 100% different apps. Even if 30% of all your features exist in another. Follow your competitors and consider their activity. You may learn some new way of promotion and open other niches for business.

Track activity

How are you going to improve your business development without activities tracking? If you don’t have Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or any other integrated tool, then forget about success. You are an eye and ear of your customers. Consider how they behave, what they press, what they think, and feel. Only knowing these data you would be able to keep customers with you.

Easy to find and easy to read

People still love read and explore new info. But just being online isn’t enough to ensure a lot of traffic. Help people find your content by practicing a few SEO techniques, starting with your website. Unique titles, original content instead of copying from another source. Use keywords specific to your niche to improve your Google rankings and power your social media. Some social media automation tools like Socedo can help to find Twitter users with similar keywords to yours. There are countless options for SEO ranking, but taking care of a few easy tasks will boost your content’s position in search results for now.

Focus on users

Even if the app has a great quality, nice ads, and unique design these reasons doesn’t protect you from losing users. You need to think about the ways of launching new users every day. For example:

- gamification (collect coins and receive gifts);

- free trial period;

- gifts for attracting other users;

- launching the app 5/10/20/30 consecutive days;


Remember, your app should be addictive. Yes, addictive - like drugs. Users should think about it 20 hours a day. Why not 24? - Let them sleep a little bit.

Lack of strict marketing budget

As well as your general strategy plan, you need to work on detailed marketing plan. You need to know what and when should be launched. For example, the Christmas holidays are coming. You should have a strict plan and budget before even December 1. If you are going to have a Christmas website, SEO should work till that time. If you are going to provide users with virtual gifts, your testing app should be ready till December 20. If you are going to have email delivery, your texts, pictures, discount codes, e-mail base should be ready till December 20. If you will be late with anything, you can lose everything (or a lot).

Establish public relationships

There are plenty of different marketing events host every year. People usually visit it with the aim of knowledge sharing but sometimes forget about the main marketing opportunity. For example, have you ever thought about the possibility to spotlight your company there. Possible solution is to become a co-sponsor which will broad possibility to expand network and generate new leads. Leveraging connections on special events will definitely give your business a special twist.  


Explore new opportunities every time till your startup finally works for you. Still remember the words of Joseph Conrad: “Only the one who do nothing never make mistakes.”