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Our Expansion

Everyone defines success differently. As much as there are individuals, there could be different opinions. For us success means that we are at liberty to help other people reach their success. Over all these years, we worked hard to build stories of IT success, gaining the ultimate knowledge in a great amount of fields and creating customized solutions for customers from all over the world.

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V-jet group has a span history of success in 2017. Step by step we have developed an expertise in the new technologies and industries, helping our customers adapt to the digital world and making them successful. With planned and steady growth, our vision went global in the year 2016 with opening of new offices in Poland, Switzerland, and Kazakhstan. As a result, we have provided numerous world-class products to some of the most luxury customers worldwide.  

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After a year of work, our remote teams demonstrated significantly different results in terms of performance. Particularly, we faced serious cultural barriers during our work in Poland, which forced us to reconsider the HR policy and practices there. V-jet group’s Polish office has undergone major changes. Currently, it has been working on three projects. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan office become real (after a year of being virtual) with 16 contracts signed and 2 state tenders won. We are planning to expand our Kazakhstan team to at least 25 people by the end of 2018.

Our core values of innovation, agility, and client centricity have not changed, but the breadth and quality of our services and value that we deliver to our customers certainly have. With this new global vision in place, we are thinking of setting up offices in more cities of Ukraine as well as the countries of Western Europe.

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Some of our achievements in 2017:

  • Ecommerce projects
  • Messaging and social networks
  • Dating
  • SaaS (Payroll systems, ERP, CRM)



Looking back over the last year, we become a web agency recognized globally for its great corporate spirit, commitment to excellence, and comprehensive portfolio. At the moment, we have over 50 experienced professionals serving customers from all over the world. Together, we connect the dots and discover new dimensions to build a better life. Our culture allows us to provide excellent delivery on the most complex projects, keeping a special Silicon Valley atmosphere.

And we continue to look for not customers, but brave people ready to create the best IT solutions.