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web & mobile apps
Turning ideas into working business

The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.

Albert Einstein

Mobile Apps

Mobile software industry has the largest share so far. Would you like to raise the users of your own mobile strategy? Our team of professionals is always there for you!


Modern technologies, user-friendly design, social connections and a lot more - we do know how to combine all these components to make your website successful.

UX/UI Design

Deliver a stunning user experience with the help from our designers’ team

Business Solutions

We do love what we do. And it is not the technical implementation so far, it is all about the ideas, market research, analysis, the great strategy and successful product launch.

Variative journey embedded in time

v-jet group is moving forward the direction of innovations. We are aimed to ease people’s life in using technologies.


Secure and reliable solutions for any business needs

Social networks

Easy to use and customer defined options for social websites

Enterprise projects

Giving a rise to huge corporations and other organizations


Highly secure software for companies in need of reliable solutions

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Human’s memory is no longer like unknown system. It’s a complicated structure ready to combine actions depending on decisions. v-jet group made its own contribution into AI development.


Each and every product is all about its database administration. Depend on the required functionality, our team explored a variety of solutions to implement a highly scalable back-end web-service.

Cloud Technologies

We provide the great services for the complicated delivering processes for the integrated development environment, including development, testing, hosting and APPs maintanance.

Mobile Payments

Any kind of mobile payments with variety of options are easy to execute with our help. Interests in such services and technologies are high and ready to be improved. We are able to suggest the best choice for you.

Real Time Communication

You shouldn’t even notice the speed between generating data and delivering data to the end user. We allow any app to perform real time messaging as well as video chats.


Ability to be online any time is a must nowadays. In the nearest future we’re going to assist in automatization of daily routines, so everyone will spend more time in their family surrounding.

Neural Networks

Voice and face recognition became the next human wonder in the fast development of the modern technologies. What seems difficult becomes extremely easy to implement for us.


Visualization makes customers ability of perception stronger. We represent any type of visual data in a way of creativity and beauty.

High-Load Systems

In order to support a large number of data requests and backend computations, we offer building and maintenance of high-load systems and applications.


Full cycle of pleasure is here:


Define requirements


Build product


Create prototype


Enjoy your success


Working with V-JET, is an amazing experience, it's a journey of learning, collaborating, problem-solving, and brilliant results. Our experience in Loonar Studios with V-JET, is more than receiving some services, it's about team working and collaborating, feeling that we are partners more than anything else. Thank you V-JET for your passion.

Alex Goncharov
CEO of Loonar Studios

v-jet group has been our constant partner in web-development, maintenance and different areas modernization since 2014. v-jet is a great and reliable partner for us and I am glad to build such a strong cooperation with them for the past years. We strongly recommend v-jet as an excellent IT services provider.

Olga Shantyr

Agro Corporation 'Stepova' LLC is grateful for such a profitable partnership with v-jet group. We had a good experience of learning the business from each other and glad to deal with the helpful and cooperative team of professionals. We definitely go on the further cooperation with them as v-jet group always meets the tight deadlines and demands. 'Stepova' LLC gives the best recommendation for the v-jet group services.

Arthur Rysin
CEO of "Stepova"